International Adjustment Services represents the insured property owner in order to get you the best possible settlement under the terms of the insurance policy. The main additional value of International Adjustment Services on and at your side is obtaining you a better cash settlement than otherwise would be offered you by the insurance company.

Claims can be handled in two ways, one where the claim already has been settled or an offer has been made: then International Adjustment Services evaluates whether more money can be obtained (using the language of the policy along with the actual damage, to the best benefit of the insured). If no additional money is obtained, there is no charge to you. If more money is obtained, then a contingency fee is paid based on the additional money received, which is a no-lose proposition.

Claims can also be taken from the very beginning at a smaller contingency than when a claim is taken after settlement or on offer has been made by the insurance company. International Adjustment Services adjuster’s, adjusted over 400 earthquake claims from the 1994 Northridge earthquake. These earthquake claims were settled in excess of 100 MILLION dollars. International Adjustment Services was at the forefront in the battle to force the insurance industry to change the way the insurance industry adjusted earthquake claims.